How do I register a domain name?

How to register domain names

Registering a domain name is easier than you may think.

You need to have some idea about what you want to register, then use our search tools to find out what is available. Once you find a suitable domain name you can have it registered in your name within 5 minutes.

To register a domain name, simply visit our domain registration page as follows:

All of the help and support you require can be found here and of course if you have any questions simply contact our Helpdesk for support.

Does adding a domain to my multi domain web hosting plan register it to me?

Multi site hosting enables you to host several sites according to your hosting plan however you do first need to register the domain names using the normal registration process first as adding the domain does not register it to you.

You can register domain names at our Domain Registration page.

Where do I go to check my emails using my browser?

Go to:

This will give you full access to your email via any web browser using the AtMail Webmail application which is installed for all web hosting accounts.