Parallels Plesk Panel Lifecycle Policy

Parallels Plesk Panel Versions

The currently supported Parallels Plesk Panel versions are:

  • Parallels Plesk Panel 11
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 10
  • Parallels Plesk Panel 9

Lifecycle Policy:

  • A major version is defined as any change in the first number of the version number. For example, Plesk 9 and Plesk 10 are different major versions whereas Plesk 10.2 and 10.3 are not different major versions.
  • Parallels will always provide software patches and accept technical support requests for the latest Parallels Plesk Panel major version and the immediately preceding major version.
  • Each major version will be fully supported for at least a period of four (4) years after release.
    • Extended Support: After this 4 year period, the product will no longer be available for new purchases and will continue to receive patches only for critical issues. This will last for a period of six (6) months.
    • End-of-Life: Once the Extended Support period is over, the product will no longer receive further development and technical support requests will no longer be accepted.
  • In order to ensure stable operation, it is required to be on the latest update / patch within a major version. For example, this means the latest 9.5.x version in the Plesk 9 series, the latest 10.4.x in the Plesk 10 series, or the latest 11.0.x in the Plesk 11 series.
  • Support for a particular instance is also dependent on using a currently supported operating system. This policy is described in the relevant section below.
  • Even for unsupported instances, Parallels will continue to accept technical support requests that are related to updating to a supported version or environment.

The below tables describe when specific versions of Parallels Plesk Panel will enter the Extended Support phase and when patches / support will no longer be available for them. If affected by one of the below dates, customers are encouraged to upgrade to a supported Parallels Plesk Panel version.

Version Lifecycle Dates:

Product Released Extended Support End of Life & Support
Parallels Plesk Panel 11 June 13, 2012 June 13, 2016 December 13, 2016
Parallels Plesk Panel 10 November 3, 2010 November 3, 2014 May 3, 2015
Parallels Plesk Panel 9 December 9, 2008 December 9, 2012 June 9, 2013
Parallels Plesk Panel 8 September 20, 2006 March 1, 2012 September 1, 2012
Parallels Small Business Panel* November 3, 2009 August 1, 2011 July 1, 2012
Parallels Plesk Panel 7 and earlier February 10, 2004 n/a January 1, 2012


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