Priority Server Upgrade: MICROLITE14

Scheduled for weekend 1/2 August 2015

We are not satisfied with the performance of MICROLITE14 and so as a priority we are bringing forward the upgrade of this server to our new UKC Super Server range. We are rolling this new model out across the entire range during the latter half of 2015.

During the weekend 1/2 August, we will be migrating all client data from the current hardware ( to completely new hardware (

There will be no downtime for your web sites or email services. We will switch the new server into production only after it has passed our comprehensive data migration and validation testing.

Notice: Please refrain from making significant changes to your web site during this period. The migration of the data will take many hours. We request that you put off any changes until the upgrade is complete to avoid an inconsistent transfer of your site and data.

Thank you for your patience,

UPDATE: Sunday 14:00

The migration of all MICROLITE14 accounts to UKC04 Super Server is complete.

UKC04 has fully “absorbed” MICROLITE14. The new Plesk URL and name servers for MICROLITE14 accounts are:

Plesk Panel: (replaces

Name servers:

  • (replaces
  • (replaces

Please note the following:

  • The old Plesk server name MICROLITE14.COM and old name servers and will continue to function as normal.
  • There is no urgent need to change all the name servers on your domain names however we recommend using the new name servers for good housekeeping purposes.
  • Using the old MICROLITE14 Plesk URL may give a security error in your browser which you can safely ignore.
  • The server IP address has changed from to

We hope you enjoy the enhanced performance and security of your new UKC Super Server!

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