How long before I am listed on Google?

First, submit your site to Google here:

Submit your URL to Google

It can take many weeks for Google to index your site.

In the meantime, check that your index page is well optimised for the search engines. Pay special attention to your index page TITLE and DESCRIPTION meta tags.

Take a look at the following page for hints and advice concerning your meta tags.

SEO Help pages

We have some general advice on site optimisation at our Optimisation Tips area:

Site Optimisation tips

Please follow the link below to view Google’s SEO starter guide:

SEO Starter guide

Even with the best optimisation, it is very much hit+miss. The Google ranking algorithm changes very frequently and so any high ranking achieved may only be temporary before the algorithm gives another site a chance at the top.

We wish you the best of luck with your site optimisation.

How does the site builder work?

The Site Builder is a fully online web site building application that can be used to build your website.

Websites built will look professional and no technical knowledge is required to use the application.

The best way to review the Site Builder is to try it out. Click on the following link and then select “Test Drive”:

Test Drive: Site Builder Application

How do I log into my hosting control panel?

To login to your Hosting Control Panel you will need your clientXXXXX username and password from your Hosting Settings email that was sent to you when your order was completed.

Once you have those details, you will need to click on the the control panel URL (listed above your clientXXXXXX username and password on your hosting settings email) and enter your client username and password.

You can receive a replacement copy of your hosting access settings via email using the link below:

Forgotten Password

If you experience any problems logging in, please log a support ticket.

How to Manage your Domain Name

All aspects of your domain name can be managed using your Domain Name Control panel.

Login to your Domain Control Panel to build your homepage, manage your email aliases, setup web forwarding, modify your nameserver settings, configure custom DNS records, change your IPSTAG to another provider or submit custom meta tags for the search engines.

Access the domain control panel by clicking on the following link:

Login: Domain Name Control Panel

Features such as web redirection, email forwarding, name server changes and IPSTAG changes can all be performed within the control panel.

My server is not responding to PING requests

A ping can be used to change that your server is physically up and communicating across the network.

It is a small packet that is sent to the server and upon receipt the server sends a response back. Other routing information can also be determined from this packet response.

Unfortunately this information can be used by hackers to scan IP ranges for potentially hackable servers.

If a server is set not to respond to ping requests then it makes that server more secure by simply being less visible to scanners.

For this reason, we disable ICMP PING requests on all of our servers.