UK-Cheapest Ends Ensim Support

As of June 1st, 2012, UK Cheapest no longer be providing support for Ensim powered servers. If you are currently using Ensim, we highly recommend you migrate to Parallels Plesk.

Ensim End Of Life

The last version of Ensim was released on 4/16/2009. Since then there have been a few hot patches but no significant upgrades. Ensim 4 has not been updated since 2007. If you are still using these versions of Ensim, you likely are using an outdated OS. We recommend Red Hat Enterprise 5 and will soon be moving to Red Hat Enterprise 6 once software vendors release their updates for the new RHEL version.

Ensim Mandatory Migrations

We have been offering free upgrades to Plesk since December 2010  but now it’s time to make the final push.

Starting 1st June, any accounts remaining on Ensim will be automatically migrated to Parallels Plesk 10.x. This covers all remaining accounts on Microlite18 to 24 Ensim servers. This process will be complete by June 28th.

All Ensim accounts will remain accessable using your old login details until June 30th when they will be deleted.

If your domain name is not hosted with UK Cheapest, please change your domain name servers to:


Your new Control Panel URL (still using your old login and password) will be:

Your username and password will remain unchanged.

The old Ensim control panels will still be available until June 30th using the links below:

Additional Differences

FTP – Use instead of as your FTP hostname. Your FTP username is now in the format “adminXXXXX” and not “”.

Email – Your email passwords and usernames will remain unchanged.

Webmail – Your default webmail (Horde) can be accessed through You will no longer find webmail at

Squirrelmail – This application is no longer automatically installed. You can install squirrelmail using the web applications installer within your new Plesk control panel.

Backups – Your old backups will be incompatible with Plesk, please make additiona FTP copies of your data if required.

Frontpage – It is no longer possible to upload using FrontPage HTTP. If you still use Frontpage, you must upload using FrontPage FTP or any other FTP client to upload your files.

Migration – we will handle the conversion and migration of your data as efficiently as possible. If you are using Ensim specific code you will need to make changes to your code to continue functionality in Plesk.

Support – If you require any help or support after the migration, please log a ticket with the helpdesk and ask for “Ensim Migration” support. Ensim support is not available through the Live Support facility.

Free Web Hosting

We are now offering Free Web Hosting trials (for 1 month) to all new domain name registrations.

The web hosting service will be fully featured (except for SMTP outgoing email – sorry spammers!) however everything else is fully functional and completely FREE of charge.

  • Host 1 website using PHP, HTML or SSI encoding
  • 250MB of FTP Webspace to store your website
  • 1GB Monthly Traffic allowance
  • 1 x mySql Database to use with WordPress, Joomla etc
  • Full DNS Zone Management
  • Comprehensive AwStats or Webalizer visitor statistics

Upgrade to a full account at any time to receive up to1 month additional free hosting at your chosen account level.

UKC back office secrets revealed!

As a (very cheap and excellent value) Domain Name, Web Hosting and Web Design service provider, we do not always get the opportunity to communicate the goings on within the UKC back office team.

The team no doubt consists of all sorts of interesting characters and skills.. Not limited to but including the likes of.. Programmers, Marketers, Technical Support, Managers, Tea Makers… etc.

We feel the chatter taking place in the back office may be of interest to someone, whether it be about technicalities of our services,  how to get to #1 in Google or the latest pirate attack in the English Channel.

So here it is, for you to see what is going on inside the minds of the UKC back office team, their families, friends, pets. Oh, and there friends pets also. Watch this space. Honestly, you’ll be glad.