How to Transfer non .UK domains to UKC

transfer-iconTransferring Non .UK domains to UKC

The process for non .UK domain names such as .com, .net and .guru is very easy as long as you carefully follow the transfer-in process.

Follow the steps below for a trouble-free transfer

In our example, we will use but of course, replace this with your actual domain name.

  1. At your current registrar: Ask your registrar to “unlock” your domain name so that you may transfer it away. Sometimes you can do this through your registrar control panel, or you may need to ask them to do this for you.
  2. At your current registrar: Check that your domain admin email address is current and that you can receive emails to this address. If it is not, update the email address to your current email address. The public WHOIS will show this as the ADMIN-C email address.
  3. Go to “Start the Transfer” and enter and then hit the “Transfer” button. Your domain transfer will be added to the cart and you will be taken to the checkout.
  4. Complete the checkout process. This adds your domain to your Client Area > Domain > My Domains panel. The registry charge a 1 year renewal fee however we return this to you by extending your domain name by 1 year. This is going to be cheaper than renewing for 1 year with your current registrar.

Monitoring the progress of your domain transfer

Non-UK domain name transfers follow a particular process and can take up to 7 business days to complete.

You can monitor the progress of your transfer in Client Area > Domains > My Domains > > Manage Domain > Information

  1. PendingOwnerApproval: At this stage, an email is sent to the domain admin (ADMIN-C) email address. When you receive this email, you must approve the transfer (usually you just click a link). Then we move to stage 2.
  2. PendingRegistryApproval: Here, the registry are aware of your transfer authorisation and require a few business days to approve the transfer. After this stage the transfer of your domain name is complete.
  3. TransferTimedOut: If you see this then your transfer has stopped. This is usually because stage 1 was not completed and you did not respond to the authorisation email. Contact us to restart the process. There is no additional charge.

Here is an example of your Transfer-In Status:


How to Transfer .UK domains to UKC

transfer-iconTransferring Nominet .UK domains to UKC

The process for .UK domain names is very easy and involves what is called a TAG change. Once the TAG is changed, your domain transfer is complete.

Follow the steps below for a trouble-free transfer

In our example, we will use but of course, replace this with your actual domain name.

  1. Ask your existing domain registrar to “Change the IPSTAG of to MICROLITE”. Some registrars provide a control panel for your to do this and others you need to ask the helpdesk to change the tag.
  2. Go to “Start the Transfer” and enter and then hit the “Transfer” button. Your domain transfer will be added to the cart and you will be taken to the checkout.
  3. Complete the checkout process. This adds your domain to your Client Area > Domain > My Domains panel. There is no fee to pay for .UK domain name transfers.

Monitoring the progress of your domain transfer

Once your IPSTAG is changed to MICROLITE your domain transfer is complete and you will be able to use the domain parking features as with any other registered domain name.

You can monitor the progress of your transfer in Client Area > Domains > My Domains > > Manage Domain > Information

Here is an example of your Transfer-In Status:


How to Transfer Domain Names to UKC

transfer-iconTransferring to UKC Makes Sense

Once you have used UKC for a domain name registration you will soon realise that keeping all your domains together under a single registrar will not only save you time but can also save you a considerable sum of money.

Reasons why you should transfer your domains to UKC

  • The renewal costs are lower than your current registrar
  • You receive 1 year extension added to your domain (excludes .UK domains)
  • We do not hold your domains hostage – you can transfer away at any time
  • We do not charge a transfer away fee should you wish to leave
  • You receive free domain parking features for all domains

How much does it cost to transfer to UKC?

This is an important point. We ensure that the transfer in fee is less than renewing your domain with your existing registrar.

  • There is no transfer-in cost for .UK based domain names. Your domain expiry date remains unchanged upon completion.
  • For all other domain extensions the transfer-in cost is equivalent to 1 year renewal – usually much cheaper than renewing with your existing registrar.

Upon completion of transfer your domain name expiry date is extended by 1 year (not .UK domains). So in effect, the transfer is free. It makes sense to transfer your domains to UKC rather than pay more to renew them elsewhere.

How do I transfer my domains to UKC?

The process differs according to the domain extension. There’s a process for .UK domains and a process for all other domains. The guides below will show you how to transfer your domains to your UKC account.

Domain Registration – Quickstart Guide

DomainNameRegistrationGetting the most out of your Domain Name

Domain registered, so what now?

There are several options now ahead of you and we’ll cover them all here. There are no configuration costs for using your domain name so feel free to experiment – you can change your domain settings as often as you wish.

First things first…

1) Make sure your domain name is correctly registered

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 16.54.09Once you have submitted your domain registration order and successfully paid, your domain registration request is immediately submitted to the appropriate registry. The domain should be showing as registered to you within a few short minutes. A common reason for rejection is “invalid postcode” or an invalid address.

All registrars are now strict regarding domain ownership validation. Here is more information on .UK Data validation and ICANN Data validation.

To verify that your registration was successful, go to our WHOIS lookup page and type in your domain name eg. If the result is “no match” or “not found” and you have paid for your domain name then you must contact the Helpdesk immediately as it is possible that you registration request has been rejected

If your WHOIS record display the correct information then your domain name is safely and successfully registered.

2) Did you purchase your domain name with a Web Hosting package?

If so, that’s great! So you have a full hosting package with your domain name, you need read no further here as your domain name will be automatically connected to your web hosting service and your web hosting control panel is in control of all aspects of your domain name.

The domain parking features are not active when your site is hosted. All of these features have a web hosting equivalent. You can find a full suite of Web Hosting Video Tutorials to assist you further.

3) Manage your Domain features through the Client Area

Your domain name control panel is your domain control centre. Everything you could possible want to do with your domain name is done from here such as setting up aliases (email prefixes), email forwarding, web redirection, changing nameservers, changing IPSTAG or UNLOCKing your domain name. Everything, I think you get the picture!

All your domains are managed through the Client Area:

  1. Login to your Client Area and go to Domains > My Domains
  2. Click Manage on the desired domain name

4) Connect your domain to a hosting service

If you intend to use your domain name with another web host then you need to change your domain nameservers. See How to: Change your Nameservers.

If you already have a hosting service with UKC and you wish to host this domain on an existing hosting account then see How to: Add Websites using Domain Names

5) Using the FREE Domain Parking services

There’s a lot you can do with your domain name by just leaving it parked with UKC.

To get the most from your domain name, check out the following guides:

Domain Privacy: Protecting your ID

DomainNameRegistrationWhy you need Domain Privacy

Did you know that when you register a domain name, the registration details are available to anyone who searches a public WHOIS database?

Your personal information becomes publicly available, including your name, address, email and phone number. This can be used by spammers, marketers or anyone.

 Without ID Protection

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your postcode
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address

 With ID Protection

  • Identity Protection Service
  • Identity Protect Limited
  • Godalming
  • Surrey
  • GU7 9GA


Why we offer a Domain Privacy service

Currently the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) broadly requires that the mailing address, phone number and e-mail address of those owning/managing a domain name to be made publicly available through the “WHOIS” directories. However, that policy enables spammers, direct marketers, identity thieves, or other attackers to loot the directory for personal information about these people.

How the Domain Privacy service protects you

We offer an identity protection service called ‘Domain Privacy’ whereby we replace your personal contact details with our own privacy service information thus keeping your domain registration and contact details private.

How much does the Domain Privacy service cost?

For .UK domain names there is no charge as we use the UK Registry (Nominet) Individual WHOIS Opt-out service. For all other domain names there is an annual Domain Privacy charge of £3.95+VAT.

What about emails sent to the domain contact?

We assign a unique email address for your domain contact email. Any email sent to this address is forwarded to the registration email address so that you will not miss out on any genuine enquiries about your domain.

How do I purchase Domain Privacy?

When registering your domain name you will be offered the Domain Privacy service automatically. At this point your can either accept or decline the Domain Privacy offer. For .UK domain names you can activate the service at any time from within your Domain Control Panel. We recommend you order Domain Privacy with your domain name at time of registration to prevent your details becoming public.

For existing domains, you can add Domain Privacy as follows:

  • Login to Client Area
  • Domains > My Domains
  • Locate your domain and hit Manage Domain
  • Click the “Addons” tab
  • Add “ID Protection”