You host my website, does this mean my domain is registered via UK-Cheapest?

It is quite possible that you bought your domain name from another agent and then changed your domain nameservers to point your domain name to your hosting webspace with UK-Cheapest. In this case the domain name renewals will still be billed by the company that you registered your domain name with initially, and they will retain control of your domain.

If you transferred your domain name to us, then we will be able to update your domain directly, and will invoice renewals directly to you.

I have created a Subdomain but it is not working?

When a Subdomain is created the DNS that will make the subdomain work need to be recognised globally. This is called DNS propagation.

Please allow upto 72 hours for this to take place.

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I’ve uploaded my website but I just get a Linux Test Page message

The Linux Test Page or ‘forbidden’ error message is given when there is no index.html or index.htm file present in a directory.

Make sure that you upload your index file correctly. As soon as you upload your index.htm or index.html file the The Linux Test Page or Forbidden error message will no longer show

Why has my Helpdesk eSupport ticket been closed?

Your eSupport problem ticket will be closed if we have not received a response from you for at least 72 hours.

You may re-open the ticket if you still require assistance.

I no longer need my domain name, can I have a refund?

It is not possible to offer refunds on domain names, the registry currently does not allow domain names to be cancelled once registered.

Therefore your domain name is yours for as long as you registered or renewed it for.

For more information see this page:

If you have any questions concerning refunds or order cancellations simply contact the HelpDesk.