Domain – Frequently Asked Questions

Common Domain Name Questions

Whether your are looking for support on an existing domain name, or just looking to make sure the features you require are included before your register your new domain name, you will find answers to the most common questions in this F.A.Q.

  1. What is a domain name?
  2. What is a nameserver?
  3. What is a DNS ‘A’ record?
  4. How do I build a free website with my domain name?
  5. How do I connect my domain name to
  6. How do I connect my domain name to
  7. How do I connect my domain name to
  8. Why is there a DNS propagation delay when I make DNS/Nameserver changes?
  9. How do I connect my domain name to for publishing using iWeb?
  10. How do I get my MobileMe site to work without the WWW prefix?
  11. Can a non-UK citizen register .UK domain names?
  12. What does “Registration request being processed” mean on my WHOIS record?
  13. Why does ‘Everyones Internet’ show as my non-UK domain name registrar in WHOIS?
  14. What is the difference between a parked domain and a hosted domain?
  15. How can you offer free domain names? Is there a catch?
  16. Can I use my domain name to point to my free ISP webspace?
  17. Can I have any email sent to my domain name automatically forwarded to my primary email address?
  18. Can I change my domain name servers?
  19. Can I change my domain name IPSTAG?
  20. How do I change my domain email/web forwarding?
  21. I don’t want hosting now, can I add it to my domain name later?
  22. I want to change my domain name, can I get a refund for the old name?
  23. How long does it take to register a domain name?
  24. What characters are valid in a domain names?
  25. A domain name I want expired a while ago, why can’t I register it?
  26. I just registered my domain name with you but it still says its available?
  27. My Domain Name is not working yet, what is wrong?
  28. Do I have to pay VAT even though in my country we do not?
  29. How do I transfer my Domain to another Provider?
  30. How do I transfer my Domain Names to UK-Cheapest?
  31. What are the domain name renewal costs after 2 years?
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